In Just 4 Easy Steps

01. Wash your face

Cleanse face with rejuvenating soap. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth.

02. Use toner up a face

Using a cotton pad/ball, apply thinly rejuvenating facial toner over the face

03. Spread evenly serum

Take a small amount of Serum and apply it on your face and neck area.

04. Apply cream

Apply to rejuvenate cream sparingly all over the face and neck. Leave overnight.

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Take Care Of Your Body

Our products aim to improve the quality and fullness of life by restoring the foundation of your feet.

  • Better foot stability

  • Protection of the sole

  • Support the natural shape

  • Walk with zero pain

  • Instant foot pain relief

  • Injury prevention


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put this pan in the dishwasher?

Sure, you can can absolutely put your pans in the dishwasher, however to keep them lasting a liftetime, we do recommend handwashing for the best results.

Can this pan be used both on gas stoves and in the oven?

All of our cookware is suitable for use on gas, electric and induction hobs and can go in the oven (up to variable temperatures), so it's up to you how you decide to cook with the pieces in your collection.

How can I pay for my purchase?

We offer several payment options, including credit cards (American Express, Master Card, Visa, JCB), Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, ...

What if I receive a damaged item?

Please call or email us. We will research your problem and determine if we would like you to ship the item back, and we can place another order for you.

How do I track an order?

Once your order has shipped you will receive an email confirming that your order has shipped. On this email is a tracking number. There will be a link in your email to either UPS or USPS. Click on this link and you will be able to track your order.



Why can’t I get the eye tracking calibration to start?

For eye tracking to work accurately, your headset needs to be correctly positioned on your head and in front of your eyes. Please see detailed instructions for positioning the headset and using eye tracking.

Is it normal if the headset gets warm during use?

It is normal for the headset to feel warm to the touch while in use.

If your headset feels uncomfortably warm, unplug the headset and let it cool down on a flat surface with the vents on top of the headset facing up.

Can I use this headset without an internet connection?

Yes. Depending on your headset model, you may need a suitable GEMETA subscription and tracking method to do so.

How can I reset my position in VR?

The origin point, forward direction, and floor level of your application are defined when you set up tracking for your headset. To quickly adjust your tracking setup in GEMETA, follow the instructions for your tracking method here.

Why doesn't the headset image update when I move?

This issue occurs when headset tracking has been lost. Depending on the tracking method you use, follow the instructions here to resume tracking.

Why are my controllers not working?

If you use SteamVR™ Tracking for your GEMETA headset, you can also use SteamVR™-compatible controllers. Note that SteamVR™-compatible controllers will not work with other tracking methods.

Controllers can be paired with your headset using the SteamVR application. If you have previously paired your controllers with another headset, you will need to pair them again with your GEMETA headset. To launch the pairing process, navigate to the System tab in GEMETA Base and select Pair SteamVR device.

What is included in the 2-year GEMETA Care Package?

When you can’t afford to wait for your device to be exchanged, let us get you back up and running as quickly as possible. You’ll get remote technical assistance to help you resolve problems. Then, if needed, we’ll ship you a replacement unit within the next business day – along with a prepaid waybill to ship back your defective unit. Plus, accidental damage protection covers spills, drops, falls and more.

Can't find an answer to your question?

Call us at 999 - 9999 - 999 or email us at

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What Are Common Causes Of Insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that affects as many as 35% of adults. Many things can contribute to the development of insomnia, let’s find out.
Mental Health Problems
Such as stress, depression and anxiety.
Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders
Snoring, Sleep Apnea, ...
Neurological Disorders
Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Problems?


My skin isn’t absorbing my current moisturizer. It's affecting how makeup sits

Repeated Mistakes

I buy the same moisturizer hoping for different results

Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin and trying a new moisturizer always ends terribly

Dark Spots

I don’t see any changes in my dark spots or hyperpigmentation

Dry Skin

Sometimes moisturizers help soften wrinkles but not so much my dry skin

Greasy Feel

I’ve tried moisturizers but my skin feels greasy all day - sometimes resulting in acne

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