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Dominion Active Calf Compression Massager

Dominion Active Calf Compression Massager

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Dominion Active Calf Compression Massager

These compression sleeves can massage and heat the calves simultaneously. Once plugged into a power source the sleeve becomes a calf massager with various massage styles, pressure options, and heat choices.

Includes three massage modes and three heating modes to help promote muscle healing and tension relief. Choose from three massage techniques that range from low to high pressure. Three heat mode options to help relax and soothe.  

This all-in-one leg compression sleeve fits your calves sizes up to 21" in circumference. Includes one pair of 6” extenders for a larger size option.

What's Included

  • 1 Compression leg massager
  • 1 Pair Extenders Calf sizing: 6 in
  • 1 LCD Screen Controller
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 PVC Carry Bag


Dimensions: 11.42” x 9.84”
Rated Voltage: 12V 2A
Power Consumption: 24W
Cycle Time: 20 minutes
Auto Shut Off Time: 20 minutes

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