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Dominion Active Premium Arm Compression Pump Full System

Dominion Active Premium Arm Compression Pump Full System

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Dominion Active Premium Arm Compression Pump Full System

Therapeutic Compression Relief
Ideal for post-workout recovery, as well as rehabilitation, it effectively increases circulation to reduce swelling and arm pain, lymphedema and other conditions. Sequential compression therapy is useful to improve blood circulation and relieve sore muscles, promoting natural healing.

Simple To Set Up
Color-coded air hoses ensure a quick, hassle-free setup when connecting the arm compression sleeve to the air pump. The reversible sleeve easily slides on and off of the arm and includes a shoulder strap to hold the sleeve in place and a full-length flap for securing the tubing out of the way.

Multiple Modes And Sessions
Features a variable pressure pump with two modes. Mode A massages the arms to increase circulation and promote healing. Mode B stimulates lymphatic pumping to reduce swelling and promote muscle recovery. Treatment sessions can be set at 10-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute intervals.

Adjustable Pressure Pump
The Arm Compression Pump is easily adjusted, increasing or decreasing the air pressure between 20-250 mmHg. Designed to allow individual chambers to be activated or deactivated for a customized therapy session.

What’s Included

  • 1 Arm Compression Pump
  • 1 Arm Sleeve & Tubes
  • 1 Power Cord

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