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Foldable Rollator Series T Walker

Foldable Rollator Series T Walker

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Foldable Rollator Series T Walker

Foldable Rollator Series T Walker: 
Stable, strong, and stylish, this steel rollator features a durable and supportive frame, a comfortable seat, and an under-seat storage pouch. A great walker for seniors and adults seeking stability in a smaller-than-average footprint.

Foldable Rollator Walker: 

Portable rollator with a side-to-side folding design allows easy folding with one hand and maintains a standing position, making this folding walker exceptionally easy to roll, park, and store anywhere.

Designed for Durability and Comfort:

Constructed with a strong, yet lightweight aluminum frame. The mobility aid features dual locking hand brakes for greater security and a wide fabric seat and backrest for comfortably resting while on the go.

Removable Storage Bag:

Conveniently and safely store daily necessities in the included rollator bag. The sturdy accessory bag holds a purse or wallet, medications, electronic devices, and more to keep them close at hand while traveling.

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