Therma-Soothe Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Headache Migraine Relief Cap

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Don't let migraines and headaches ruin your day - try the Therma-Soothe Cap by Dominion Active and experience the relief you deserve.

Our cap is the ultimate solution for those suffering from the pains of migraines and headaches. This innovative cap features a dual gel pack system that can be heated or cooled to provide fast and effective relief. Simply microwave the hot pack for a soothing warm therapy, or place it in the freezer for a refreshing cold treatment.

Made with a comfortable and adjustable design, the Therma-Soothe Cap is perfect for use at home or on the go. The cap contours to your head, providing targeted relief to the temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Plus, the cap is easy to clean and can be used over and over again for ongoing relief.

  • Therma-Soothe Cap is one size fits all. It fits every face, head, and eye thanks to its stretchability and multiple seams. While lying comfortably, the Therma-Soothe cold flexible ice pack top offers 360° of all-natural cooling. Because the product is slip-on, there are no unsightly wraps, painful ice packs, inserts, or uncomfortable band straps.
  • Therma-Soothe Cap presents this form-fitting gel ice mask wrap. It is the perfect reusable cap for men, women, and children due to the wearable and reusable treatment ice pack.
  • The natural cold cap is unique and has a 360-degree form-fitting construction. Cap lacks velcro or any firm inserts. Simply place the chilly hat over your head, face, and eyes. The product's soft gel shape prevents it from applying excessive pressure to particular locations, unlike a hard ice pack insert, as you comfortably sleep in the bed or on a couch while wearing it on your head.
  • It's a cozy stretchable ice-pack mask. Reusable and simple to use. Simply freeze for two hours in the provided zip bag in between uses. The gel is thick and dark in color. Convenient cold pack that can be used every day without risk.