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It Stays Roll On Body Adhesive

It Stays Roll On Body Adhesive

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It Stays Roll On Body Adhesive is designed and engineered for the comfort of everyone. Best to support compression socks, orthopedic belts and anything that may slip on your skin. It contains elements that are skin friendly and non-irritating. This adhesive prevent anything from slipping without using garters or attachments to the body.


Hypoallergenic roll-on body adhesive
Easy to wash
Invisible bonding

A body Adhesive in roll-on applicator helps you apply with ease, complete comfort and does not limit your movements. Just a small amount of this to your skin, it holds any particle in place without irritating your skin.

This body adhesive provides great support for surgical stockings, compression socks, surgical and orthopedic belts and devices, athletic taping, shoulder straps, and even to your eyeglasses it generally works to everything.

Works best to both men and women creating invisible bonding after application as it basically hides the joints, keeping your accessories attach to your body look natural you will also never know you put an adhesive to your body because of its lightweight elements.

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