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Personalized Wooden Letter Bank for Kids

Personalized Wooden Letter Bank for Kids

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Personalized Wooden Letter Bank for Kids

Personalization Instructions:

Name or any customization will be engraved on acrylic
Engraving would appear exactly as you type
The place and direction of the engraving on the letter you ordered will be chosen, accordingly.
You may choose any letter as the initial of your child or you may pick any favorite special toy shapes that your child love and have the name engraved on them.

How to Order:

1st Please choose the letter (initial) / shape from the drop-down menu
2nd Please write down the engraving you like to have in the “personalization box”
3rd The engraving place will be chosen by us due to the letter or toy shape you like to choose on drop-down menu.

How to Open:

To open the bank, unscrew the screws and remove the acrylic cover.

A unique gift idea for kids, can be personalized with the name of your choice. Personalizing a wooden letter bank is a great idea for boys and girls - not just because kids love their banks, but also because this gift is so much more special when you personalize it.

Children will love to grab their own money and save the pennies and coins needed for the day's purchases. This wooden letter bank is specially designed to be durable, build strong character education skills in children while encouraging them to appreciate the value of saving money.

The Wooden Letter Bank is the perfect gift especially for the kids and who have the kids’ spirit. It teaches saving and importance of the saving. With their name personalized on the acrylic window of the Wooden Letter Bank, they will feel more responsible and more individual.


Strong, durable, and nice-looking wood.
Safe finishing with organic eco-friendly wax
No chemical dyes or ingredient
Acrylic covering
Can be personalized with your kid's name on acrylic.
Handmade %100 Woodwork


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