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Portable Weathered Steel Fire Pit

Portable Weathered Steel Fire Pit

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Portable Weathered Steel Fire Pit
🔥Materials: Hot Rolled Steel

🔥Our medium size fire pit is the perfect in-between for those who want a bit more burn capacity than the small pit, but don't quite have the space for the large. Flatten it out and store it neatly in your shed until the next backyard party or pack it up and throw it in the trunk of the car for the next road trip. This is a great option for anyone who wants to have a full size fire, responsibly, in an area with limited space..

🔥The steel on this firepit with weather over time and naturally oxidize in outdoor conditions. Embrace this patina look and enjoy the condition the fire pit will stay in for many years.

🔥This fire pit can be easily assembled, or taken apart, without the use of any tools. It comes in 4 pieces, and has a sliding slot system cut into each piece to allow for simple set up.

🔥There is a burn area of 19" across with an average depth of 6".

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