Dominion Active Compression Gloves

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Dominion Active Compression Gloves is suitable for people suffering from repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. Wearing compression gloves will not only lessen the swelling of the joints, reduces the pain, numbness and stiffness of your hand but it also increases the circulation of the oxygenated blood.


Open Fingers Design
Lightweight and Breathable
Several sizes and colors to choose
Gentle compression with temperature regulator

compression gloves size chart

The gloves is made more durable and will surely last longer than expected due to its smart seam stitching that reduces the irritation and maximizes the comfort it gives. Comfort wise, it is open finger designed that enables you to perform your daily routine and tasks.

Keeps you going through the day you still can do knitting, computer typing, gardening and cooking while wearing compression gloves without the feeling of disturbance and inconvenience.

Made of lightweight, breathable cotton-spandex material that allows you to wear the compression gloves all day. It regulates temperature retaining the heat in order to soothe the hands and knuckles without becoming stiff.